“Just a little background…I wrote this little fanfic based on how I wished

Sophia and Eden could have been reunited and CC never left Sophia’s side.  I really don’t think that the writers had to massacre the characters and send Eden into oblivion.  I am not saying that the whole split personality thing didn’t have to happen but I would have liked to have seen the writers bring them back together.  After all, Sophia would never forget killing someone, especially someone she thought was her son.  I know I am not the best writer, but I do enjoy it.  Enjoy all!”

“An Unforgettable Day”
By Karen V.

The ocean was quite calm today. The sound of the waves ebbing on the sandy shore in the distance was soothing.  The soft winds coming in off the water brought with them the smell of the sea along with the sound of the birds singing on the shore.  The tip of the sun was visible just at the horizon.  It already looked that deep orange color that indicated that it was going to be a hot day.   Sipping her morning tea, Sophia strolled along the edge of the patio taking it all in.  Her mind was occupied by so many thoughts.  Nothing was in order.  The thoughts just kept popping in and out.  It had been a restless night’s sleep.  She was awake more than she slept.  Earlier she thought to herself, looking at the clock by the side of her bed for the umpteenth time watching time stand still, that maybe a morning swim would help to ease her tension.  That is how she ended up on the patio so early in the morning.  She decided to give CC a break from her restlessness and let him sleep.  Sophia tried to put the reason for her restlessness aside, but that was not easy to do.  After all, she would be seeing Eden for the first time this afternoon since the fateful night that Eden had shot her.

Sophia had always known that when this day came it was going to be difficult.  Difficult doesn’t even come close to describing it!  She had no idea that she would feel so anxious about seeing her own daughter.  She had no idea that she would feel so scared.  It had been almost a year since they last saw each other.  They had spoken on the telephone and they had sent letters back and forth, but they did not have any physical contact.   The reason they hadn’t seen each other was because Eden wasn’t ready.  Sophia did not want to push for a meeting either for fear of hindering Eden’s mental recovery process.   After Eden had left town, Cruz and CC did everything they could to find her.   Money and time were not a concern when it came to hiring people to help them in their search.  Cruz had taken a leave from his job and CC had turned over much of the responsibility of Capwell Enterprises to Kelly and Mason.  Together Cruz and CC were determined to bring her back home.  Seven months of searching had paid off when they found her in Italy.  Eden had been living as ‘Lisa’ in a small cottage in the Italian countryside.  When they first approached ‘Lisa’ to come home CC and Cruz thought that it was going to be a struggle.  Somehow ‘Lisa’ was very receptive to the idea.  It was almost as if she had been waiting for someone to come get her.    This was overwhelming for CC and Cruz.  When they brought her back to the states, Eden went right into a facility that specialized in the treatment of schizophrenia.

The year since Eden left had been very tumultuous for Sophia.  She had to go through a healing process herself, not only physically from the gunshot wound, but from the mental anguish of what her choices in life had done to Eden and the rest of her family.  Sophia had learned through this recovery process how strong her love for CC was and how much he loved her.  They struggled through some of the recovery together, each accepting responsibility for some of the wrong doings that had lead Eden to her point of breaking.  Sophia knew that she couldn’t change the past, but she certainly didn’t want to keep reliving it either and the entire family needed to move on.  This meeting today was a huge step in this healing process.

Sophia had finished her tea and placed the cup on the table.  It was time for her swim.  Hopefully the water would soothe her tension and the swimming would take her mind off of this afternoon.  She went into the pool house to change into her bathing suit.  When she had come out she noticed how high the sun was getting in the sky.  The way she was admiring the sun it was as if she was looking to a higher power for some guidance for today.  Walking to the edge of the pool, taking a deep breath, she dove in.  Next to being with CC, this was the most liberating feeling in the world.  The feel of the water on her skin was refreshing and the lack of sound underwater shut the rest of the world out.  Coming up for air in the middle of the pool, Sophia took another deep breath and went back under water to swim to the edge.  She did two lengths of the pool this way.  On her second lap, without opening her eyes, she reached for the edge of the pool.  Instead of feeling the roughness of the cement, she was surprised to feel the softness of skin.  Startled, she opened her eyes.  “Oh, CC, you scared me.  I didn’t expect to find you sitting here on the edge” she said trying to wipe the water from her eyes with her fingertips.  “I thought that you would still be sleeping.  I am sorry if I woke you up” she continued.  After she had left their bed, he tried to sleep but he just couldn’t do it. He was so worried about his beloved Sophia.  He knew that she would be out by the pool and probably taking a morning swim because swimming always relaxed her.  So, he threw on some shorts and would go to find her to see how she was doing.

“Darling, I slept a little after you left our bed.  But I know how troubled you are about today.  I am worried about you.  Aside from being anxious, are you ok?” he asked her.  He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked in the early morning sun.  Beads of water were glistening on her face and shoulders.  “I can’t help how I feel, darling, but I am very nervous” she answered him back as she pulled her arms out of the water and rested them on the edge of the pool next to CC.  “I have been waiting for this day for so long or should I say WE have been waiting for this day.  We need to bring our family together again” she said resting her head on her forearms looking into CC’s eyes.  Then she said “I thought that a morning swim would help me to relax and take my mind off of things for a while.”

“I am so sorry, darling, that you are so troubled.  Do you feel any better?  I knew that I would find you out here.  Is the swimming helping you?” CC asked her.  “It is has helped a little.  We have all worked so hard to get this family back together.  I don’t want anything to hurt that recovery.  I know that Eden is finally ready to see me and I am so grateful.  I want to see her so badly and take her in my arms and just hold her” she replied as she pushed herself away from the side and was now floating on her back in the water. 

Thinking for just a few seconds CC stood up on the edge of the pool while saying to her “I can think of something else that would possibly take your mind off what is troubling you, even for just a little while.”  In these few seconds, Sophia noticed how incredibly handsome her husband was, especially with the backdrop of the rising morning sun behind him.  CC gave her a sideways smirk and raised his eyebrows.  “At a time like this?  CC Capwell, how can you think about that now?  Don’t’ you even think about jump…” and with that her words were cut off as CC dove into the pool with a splash.  She had now turned over and started to swim to the shallow end of the pool.  Just as she had reached the part of the pool where the slope of the pool floor made it shallow and was about to stand up and run to the steps,  she felt CC’s hand and arm come up around her waist.  Before she knew it, he pulled her under the water.  Sophia screamed, “CC, STO...”  The word stop cut off as she went under.   All in one motion, he scooped her into both his arms and lifted her in the water so that her head came to the surface and out of the water.  “CC Capwell, you are the most irritating man…” and with those words coming out of Sophia’s mouth, CC placed his lips to hers and began kissing her passionately.  She kissed him back lost in the moment.  Still cradling her in his arms, CC pulled away from the kiss and looked directly into his beautiful wife’s eyes.  “I’m sorry, my darling.  But I could not resist the sight of you.  If you really want me to stop, I will” he said.

Even though her hand was dripping with water, Sophia tried to wipe the water from his eyes and looking back into his eyes she replied to him “No, darling, maybe this is what I need to occupy my mind.  I need you.”  She turned her head and began kissing his chest lightly.  Know on his knees in the shallow water, CC released her from his arms and Sophia’s feet gently sank to the bottom of the pool and she stood up. Sophia was almost a foot shorter than him so that when she stood up next to him on his knees in the water his mouth was even with her neck.  Still holding her with both arms around her waist, he pulled her closer to him as he was trailing kisses along her neck and shoulders.  He had drips of water from her wet hair landing on his face from time to time. Oh, how he loved her and oh, how wanted her.  Sophia’s arms were wrapped around his head tenderly embracing every kiss as it landed on her skin.  Getting lost in the moment Sophia said almost breathlessly, “I love you so.  You are everything to me.”  CC picked his head up and smiled. 

Still on his knees, knowing that the steps of the pool where behind him, he started to walk backwards to get to them pulling Sophia with him.  His plan was to turn her around and lay her on one of the steps.  However, when he went to turn, Sophia’s foot slipped and she began to fall backwards into the water.  Instinctively, her grip on CC grew stronger as she was falling pulling him with her.  Together they tumbled under the water.  Quickly getting untangled from one another, they both stood up.  They gave each other a quick look and started laughing hysterically.  “CC Capwell, you did that on purpose!” she said to him as she was running her hands through her hair to push it away from her face.  “Me? I did no such thing.  I think it was you who pulled me in” he said back to her through his laughter.  And with that he walked over to her and placed a hand on either side of her face and used his thumbs to wipe the water from the corners of her eyes.  He kissed her on the forehead and then picked her head up and looked deeply into her eyes and said “Why don’t we go into the pool house?  I think it might be safer in there and you can have your way with me.”  Happily she replied with a simple “OK”.  CC let go of her face and grabbed one of her hands to lead her out of the pool.

Once inside the pool house they grabbed towels to dry off.  CC finished drying himself off and then walked over to Sophia and took the towel out of her hands saying “Darling, why don’t you turn around and let me help you with that?”   Sophia turned her back to him.  CC started to dry the water droplets off of her neck and shoulders.  When both of her shoulders were dry, he decided that he had done enough.  Sophia still seemed so tense.  He dropped the towel and began massaging her neck and shoulders lightly and trailed kisses across her bare back moving her bathing suit straps aside.  Instinctively, Sophia fell back against CC’s chest.  The feel of her skin on his made both of them go weak in the knees.  He was making her relax more and helping her to put the afternoon out of her mind. 

Sophia turned around and wrapped her arms around CC’s neck and held on for dear life. Shutting out the world was exactly what she needed to help her through this day.  She began kissing his chest and traveled kisses up to his shoulders as far up as she could reach.  Through all these kisses Sophia professed her love for CC by saying “You know me so well.  You are exactly what I need.  You are the man of dreams and as always the keeper of my flame. I love you with my whole heart and soul.”  CC didn’t say anything back.  He was lost in her words and her kisses.  Magically CC lips were there to meet hers when she reached as high as she could on his chest.  Entwined in each other‘s arms their passion for each other took over.   CC began moving Sophia towards the sofa.   When they reached the sofa he tenderly placed her down.  The two of them were lost in each other’s passion and spent the early morning there relieving tension and reaffirming their love for each other.

Leaving the pool house some time later hand in hand CC asked Sophia, “Darling, do you feel any better now?”   She smiled back at him and said “You know I do.  I wish we could have spent the whole day like that.  But the reality is I know that we need to see our daughter.  I need to speak to her face to face.  I need to know that she has forgiven me.  I know that Eden says that she does, but I need to see her and feel her touch to know that is true.  I need to know that she knows I have forgiven her, too.  I need to know that she is the kind, caring and lovable Eden that we all once knew.  Do you understand that I need to know all these things for me to heal as well?”   CC replied as he kissed the fingers of the hand he was holding “Yes, my darling.”  With that understood, they walked into the house to get ready for their afternoon meeting with Eden.

Sophia realized that the more she watched the clock, the slower time was moving.  She was sitting at her dressing table putting on the last of her makeup and finishing up her hair when she started to daydream about her time with Eden since she had come back to town.   So many memories of her time with Eden flashed through her mind.   Eden had once really loved her.  Their relationship had been so very special.  The memory that seemed to be the strongest for Sophia was the time that Eden was in the hospital when she was pregnant and after her rape.  Eden’s words to Sophia seemed to echo non stop in her head.  Eden had said to her “I always hoped you would come back to us.” And we have a lot of love in our family and most of it comes from you.”  Sophia knew with these words that Eden really did love her.  

Sophia got up from her dressing table and walked over to look out of the bedroom window at the ocean again since time was still moving slow. Staring at the water she remembered how Eden worked so hard to get her and CC back together again.  She remembered first how Eden had come around when she had the breast cancer.  Then she thought about the surprise wedding that Eden orchestrated.  As she remembered the talk with Eden before their last wedding on New Year’s Eve, Sophia could sense CC’s presence behind her.  He walked up and embraced her around her waste pulling her into him while placing a gentle kiss on the side of her cheek as he said “Darling, it’s time.  We need to go now.  Are you ready?”

Placing her hands over his on her stomach she replied “As long as I have you with me I am ready for anything.”  Sophia then turned around, wrapped her arms around CC’s neck, placed her head on his chest, and just held on.  He held her tightly in return.  In that instant, she could hear and feel his heartbeat.  This relaxed her more than anything.  It always did.  “CC Capwell, don’t you ever leave me.”  He responded to her by kissing the top of her head and saying “As long as I have it in my power, my love, I will always be with you.  This is our family together and together we will keep it together. I need you just as much as you need me.  You are MY heart and soul.  Now let’s go and see our daughter.”  Sophia looked up at him and before kissing him said “You know my heart is yours forever.”  They then walked arm in arm to towards the next step in rebuilding the relationship with their daughter.

The ride to the facility where Eden was recovering was very long even though the actual distance was short.  CC had decided that he would not drive.  They would have a driver and a limo instead.  He knew that today could go either way.  He would hope for the best but if things did not go well and Sophia needed him after the visit, he didn’t want to be driving the car.  They sat in the back of the limo side by side holding hands not saying a word.  The tension was thick and the anxiety great.  As the driver announced that they had entered the grounds of the facility, Sophia’s stomach was in knots.  She couldn’t help it. She wanted this visit to go well.  She wanted her daughter back in her life.   The limo stopped and it was as if her heart stopped for a second or two.  She thought to herself `Breathe, Sophia, just breathe’.  The driver opened the door for CC and Sophia to get out. 

Holding CC’s hand for support, Sophia looked down at the ground to see where she should place her foot.  She got out of the limo.  Still looking down because she was almost afraid to see where she needed to go, Sophia let go of CC’s hand and brushed her pants with her hands to freshen them up.   “Darling, let’s go” CC prodded her as he reached for her hand again.  The seconds that this was all taking place seemed like an eternity. Looking directly into CC’s eyes, Sophia said “Ok, sweetheart, let’s do this.  Let’s go see our lovely daughter”.  They both turned away from the limo ready to enter the facility and face what ever they had to in order to have Eden in their lives again. 

As they approached the door to the facility, they both could see Eden standing with her back to them in the solarium.  The sight of Eden was a moment that took Sophia’s breath away.  She was looking out a window into a garden.  Cruz was standing with her.  He acknowledged CC and Sophia with a nod of his head but didn’t say anything to them.  During this short walk from the front door into the solarium, Sophia held so tight to CC’s hand that it made both of their hands numb.  Cruz whispered in Eden’s ear, “They’re here.”   Eden did not hesitate.  She turned around to see both of her parents approaching the glass doors that now separated her past from her future.  A huge smile appeared on her face.

As quickly as she could, Eden walked across the room.  She met her parents as they walked through the doors. Sophia’s eyes were welling with tears just from the sight of her daughter.  “Momma! Daddy! I am so happy to see you” she said as the three of them were embraced in a big hug.   The ice had been broken.  What a relief!  “Oh, my baby, how I have missed you” Sophia said as she pulled away from the group hug and put her arms around Eden and held her tightly.  “Momma, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Momma” Eden repeated, tears flowing down her cheeks.  “Oh, baby, it’s ok.  Everything is ok now. We are here and we’re together.  We’re going to be ok” Sophia reassured her.  “I am the one who is the most sorry.  You have paid dearly for the mistakes that I have made in my life and I am sorry for that” Sophia said still holding tightly to her daughter.  Watching his wife and daughter reuniting was so overwhelming for CC.  He had tears streaming down his cheeks.  Cruz noticing that this was happening walked over beside him and stood next to him and gave him a shoulder embrace.  “Mr. C, we have waited for this a long time.  It is a beautiful thing” Cruz said.  

“Momma, the garden is beautiful here.  I know how much you like gardens.  How about we go out and take a look and we can talk out there” Eden asked her mother.  “Oh, baby, that would be great” Sophia replied.  They both turned to CC and Cruz and Eden asked them if they wanted to come with them.  “No, why don’t you two just go and we will stay here” Cruz replied looking at CC waiting for the look from him that said it was ok for Eden and Sophia to have some private time. 

Out in the garden the two talked like nothing bad had happened between them.  They both knew that they had a long way to go towards complete healing but this was definitely a great beginning.  Eden kept telling Sophia over and over how she didn’t mean to hurt her and Sophia kept reassuring her that it really didn’t matter anymore.  She just wanted Eden to get well and feel complete as a person again.  All the while that they were talking they held each other’s hand and wiped each other’s tears.  In Sophia’s mind she kept thinking about how lucky she was to have her daughter back with her.  “Momma, I know now that I forgive you for your past mistakes.  I know now how hard you have worked to make up for those mistakes.  Do you really forgive me for what I did to you?”  Eden asked.  With a smile and a tear in her eye, Sophia looked at Eden and replied “What did you do?  I don’t recall anything.”  Eden grabbed her mother in a hug and cried on her shoulder “Oh, Momma, I am so grateful.”  During the rest of their conversation the two agreed to take this slow.  There was still so much therapy and healing that needed to happen and they knew it.  There would be more anger and there would be more tears but the healing had now begun.

The time seemed to fly away.  CC and Cruz came out into the garden.  “Darling, it is time for us to go.  Eden needs her rest.  We can come back another d…” CC was cut off by Eden saying “Tomorrow.  Will you come back tomorrow?”  “Are you sure, baby, that won’t be too much?” Sophia asked.  Cruz piped in “I don’t think that is unreasonable, but let’s check with the doctors first.  We will call you later after we meet with them.  How does that sound, Mr. C?”  “We’ll be waiting for the word” he answered back.  And with that they all hugged and kissed and said their goodbyes in the garden.  CC and Sophia left Eden and Cruz in the garden and started on their way home.  As they were walking away they heard Eden say to Cruz “This was wonderful.  I am so happy that this has finally happened.  I hope the doctors will let Momma and Daddy come back tomorrow.”  Hearing this CC put his arm around Sophia’s shoulder as they were walking and pulled her into him placing a kiss on the top her head.  Two of the most important people in his life were back together. 

When they reached the limo they stopped just before getting in and CC turned Sophia to him.  He placed his hands on either side of her face.  Looking directly into her eyes he said “You are incredible. I love you so much.”  Sophia didn’t say anything back.  She just accepted the love that came through the kiss he had placed on her lips.  “Let’s go home.  I have some unfinished business to take care of with you.  And since I was smart enough to use the limo we can start right now!” CC smirked.  Sophia knew what he meant and smiling at him she asked “Twice in one day?  Darling, YOU are the incredible one!”

Written by Karen V.