Judith McConnell has been teaching painting, visual and graphic arts skills, design, and drama to young patients at LA's Children's Hospital. "I did a personal appearance there a while ago," McConnell reports, "and it touched me so much that I felt I should do more.  I have a healthy little girl and I realized how lucky I was."
-Soap Opera Magazine 1992

"General Jed, that's what we call him, is one of the greatest leading men I've ever worked with. I love working with him--the only problem is that I'm 5'4" and he's 6'4" and my feet are being ruined by the four-inch heels I have to wear." -about working with Jed Allan-SOD

Judith McConnell (Sophia) spent some time in NY, where she visited her pal, Louise Sorel. After NY Judith winged to London, where she was mobbed by 50 French children while trying to watch the changing of the guard. "They recognized me from the show, which is televised in France. Their enthusiasm was a little too zealous, so I had to be rescued by the bobbies. I called it the calling of the guard," giggles Judith. -Daytime TV

Judith McConnell just bought her very first home ever. "Right now, it's totally empty," she laughs. "And I mean totally! There's nothing in it--not a couch, a table, or even a piece of silverware. I'm planning to furnish it one room at a time, because I can't afford to do it any other way. This house was so expensive, I've actually considered getting a night job to help pay for it!"-Daytime TV 1988

Back when Judith McConnell played the very nasty Miranda Bishop on AW (from 1981-82) she had an encounter with a fan that she'll never forget. "I went out to dinner with my father, who's always thought of me as the apple of his eye," she explains. "Well, halfway through the evening, this woman walked up to me and said, "You make me sick!" I was so embarrassed. Obviously, it's a lot easier to meet the public when you're playing a nicer character." Now that she plays the matriarch of the Capwell family on SB, Judith enjoys a lot more pleasant experiences with fans. "These days woman all over the country write to me for advice on how to rear their kids. I much prefer that to the confrontations in restaurants." -SOW

Judith McConnell and Lane Davies have come up with an intriguing storyline suggestion that they'd love the show's writers to script for them. "Lane and I love working together," says Judith. "We're very good friends. So, we think it would be great if it turned out that Sophia and Mason had had an affair years ago behind CC's back. Then, it could turn out that Ted is really Sophia and Mason's son!" -Daytime TV

" Probably one of the best known is Michael Douglas.  I played his girlfriend on The Streets of San Francisco.  He was terrific!"  -When asked who the best kisser was that she ever worked with-from SOD 80's

"I got a letter from a woman who was in prison.  She wrote to me as if Sophia was her mother saying, 'Mom, I know that you understand and can help me.'  The letter was very poignant, moving and lucid.  Her lawyer was trying to help her, but his hands were tied. I called him and told him about the letter.  He wasn't aware of the psychological trouble she was in, and asked me to mail it to him.  He wanted to use it to try to prove her mental state and maybe get her released.  Unfortunately, I never found out what happened." -When asked about her most memorable fan letter-from SOD 80's

" I was disguised as a man, when I first joined the show," says Judith McConnell (Sophia).  "It was horrible.  I had to wear a beard, mustache, hat and wig.  I felt awkward and looked terrible.  To cheer me up, Lane Davies started flirting with me.  He wanted to make me feel attractive, and it worked.  Since then, we've become very good friends."-from an article in Daytime TV on Lane Davies 

" It was just one of those days.  First, I locked myself out of my apartment in the morning-which delayed my getting to work.  Later, when I was doing a very emotional scene, my skirt suddenly fell apart.  I had been gearing up for this scene all day and was in a somber mood.  I didn't think it was very funny-though I'm sure it looked that way."-When asked out a day when things went wrong-from SOD 80's

"I have no idea how I've survived.  I just keep my mouth shut (or at least I try).  I think that's it.  It's unbelievable what's happened over eight years." -How to Keep Your Job on a Soap, SOD 1992

" Just don't do it.  If you do, get help because it affects your looks and your memory.  Your memory is so important in daytime.  We're expected to know it on the first try."  -When asked about substance abuse on set -How to Keep Your Job on a Soap, SOD 1992

" When I got my hair cut, I did it gradually.  It has to jibe with the story.  You might have a direct pickup in a scene that's taping a couple days apart or over a weekend and you have a hair appointment and forget you're still taping the same episode." Don't color your hair; don't cut your hair without getting the producers's approval -How to Keep Your Job on a Soap, SOD 1992

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